Caring and Compassionate Lawyer

I recommend Joe to anyone who needs legal assistance. Joe not only was a great lawyer and extremely successful in my case, he truly cared about me as a client and did anything and everything he could for my case. Unlike other lawyers, he even accepted phone calls at night and on the weekends. In 2013, I was arrested for public drunkenness and we walked out of the courtroom with a verdict that I wasn’t even expecting. He was also able to get it expunged off of my record. He helped me more than I could have even asked for, to say the least. Being a penn state student, I was very worried about how this was going to affect me academically, and Joe was able to give me a clean slate. I am more than thankful for Joe and what he did for me, and I would not reccomend any other lawyer in the State College area.

Penn State Alum

As an undergraduate at PSU I received a citation that required legal guidance. I reached out to Joe for representation in a time when he had much larger cases on his plate…..despite this, he took the time to call me, take my case, and explain the road ahead. When I had my day in court, Joe stepped up to the plate and we left the court room with the verdict I desired. Joe dedicated his heart and mind my case…despite it being on a much smaller scale than some of his other professional cases at the time. I highly recommend Joe.

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