Noise Violation Charges

As the State College and Penn State University communities grow, noise violation charges continue to increase. In a college setting, nighttime and weekend social gatherings are a key part of life. When Penn State students and State College residents live in close confines, that presents plenty of opportunity for complaints about noise.

Penn State offers clear policies on noise violations and other quality-of-life issues. The State College police also post their noise violation policies online. Take the time to read this information and use it to your advantage when determining your next steps.

The key to avoiding noise violation charges is to make every attempt to respect the quality of life of neighbors. We realize that can be difficult in many circumstances. Some neighbors seem impossible to please and college social gatherings often escalate noise beyond one person’s control.

If you are charged with a noise violation by State College or Penn State University police, it’s often easiest to simply pay the fine and avoid similar behavior in the future. Should there be extenuating circumstances to your case, then contact us for a free consultation. Our firm may be able to help you resolve your noise violation charges in another way.

The best approach to avoiding disorderly conduct and noise violation charges is to understand the law and avoid situations that put your at risk. If that approach fails, then contact us to determine your criminal defense options.

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