Alcohol Related Charges

If you’re seeking a State College criminal lawyer with extensive experience in resolving alcohol related charges, then we’re able to help. In this day and age, alcohol related charges can present a real problem for college students and working professionals.

Many employers conduct standard background checks when hiring college graduates and employers are becoming more aggressive in requiring employees to notify them of alcohol and drug related offenses. The last thing you or your loved one wants is an alcohol-related charge on his or her record.

Our firm has decades of experience in helping Penn State students and State College residents resolve alcohol related charges. Below is a list of some of the common charges clients contact us about. If your charge isn’t listed, then contact us for a free consultation. Chances are that we’ve helped others with your problem in the past.

Underage Drinking

Underage drinking charges have always been common in the State College and Penn State community. Let us help you or your loved one understand the options for resolving your charges in a manner that won’t haunt you in the future.

Public Drunkenness

Public drunkenness charges are an unfortunate companion to downtown State College and Penn State social gatherings. While the best advice is to avoid going out in public when consuming alcohol, sometimes that is unavoidable. Let us help resolve your case and get your life back on track.

Public Urination

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